Get admistrative borders of cities (rus)

Hello, sorry for the stupid question, but still. I want to get the administrative boundaries of cities, such as Kemerovo(original Кемерово) and Smolensk(original Смоленск). But do not know what I need to send a request. I would like something like this (
Thanks in advance. And please do not send the guides to read on and so on, I’ve tried :slight_smile:

Do you mean the boundaries for example and ?

Or do you need the boundary for the bigger area around?

If the boundaries linked above are the right one, I can tell you how to find them via overpass-turbo in general.

And tell us what format do you need for output: raw OSM XML data, geojson, SVG vector graphic ?

Thank you! Now I need a query that could do the same (, only for example Kemerovo(rus Кемерово) and Smolensk(rus Смоленск).
I need a query like this, i know how to get a xml or json, if i had this query:)

Well, one problem is that the mentioned relations for Kemerovo and Smolensk do not have an admin_level, and a tag like boundary=administrative is also missing.