#geostar2023 event / tagging

I’ve just started seeing some possibly questionable mapping appearing in Singapore, all tagged with “#geostar2023”.

Does this mean anything to anybody?

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Geostar is a Grab program, cc @Saikat_Maiti from Grab

Hi @Fizzie41, thank you for sharing the feedback. This mapping activity is a part of the Grab program as @Mishari mentioned - “geostar2023”. In this event, Singapore local mappers are contributing accessibility data to OSM. We are tracking the ticket here.

As most of the mappers are new, we will review the changesets and guide all the mappers to follow the OSM changeset guidelines.

cc: @Saikat_Maiti


Setting up the required OEG page as in Organised Editing - OpenStreetMap Wiki, would also be a good start.

There’s definitely some QA work to be done e.g. creating nodes with no tags on them, and adding tactile_paving=yes to traffic signals themselves, not the actual crossings, are just some of the issues I spotted! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Hi @Fizzie41, agree with you.
I have shared your feedback with the Singapore mapping team and they will complete the QA for all the changesets ASAP.

Including the OEG page, I hope?

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