#GEOSM/MINHDU2023 import in Cameroon?

Does anybody know anything about this apparent import currently going on in Cameroon?

A massive amount of editing being done by mainly new mappers, with a number of comments already being made about problems being created?

There’s no documentation of such an organised edit going on with those hashtags in the changeset comment, so I’d block it for that reason alone. They need to consult and document.

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Interestingly, not the first time it has happened - see here in the old forum and here in the wiki.

Response has now been received from one of their supervisors involved, who has apologised for the quality of the work. Said that they have stopped mapping effective yesterday to sort out the problems.

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Let’s hope they will improve but continue to work constructively on the map. Africa could realy benefit from more work.

I would explicitly ask them to document their organised edit on the wiki, including links to consultation, before continuing.

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I agree entirely, on both points.

Thanks Paul. Yes, I’ve sent them links to both OEG & Imports & asked them to follow both. They acknowledged off their own bat that the work is not good enough.