Geoserver ImageMosaic not displaying all granules

Hi all,

I’ve set up Geoserver to server some Sentinel-2 granules as an ImageMosaic store. All worked well until i got to 10 granules or so, it would simply stop rendering new granules. I’ve updated to the latest version, removing all files of the old version first, to no avail.

All my granules were processed the same way, and when i make a new ImageMosaic, it can display a few granules at once, but any more than that and it stops rendering them. When I create a new GeoTIFF store with a single granule, everything displays perfectly, so the data doesn’t seem the issue. All the granules are the same size GeoTIFFs, same owner, no special characters, so I’m clueless why it sometimes only renders 2, then another time it goes up to 5.

I’m not seeing any errors in geoserver.log, it’s like most of the granules are not even read at all.

Is this a cache issue, or a memory/CPU limit? Would love to get some hints to solve this.