Georef German Gemeinde


Sorry, if this is a stupid question, but is there a way translate a geo ref (Lat/Long) into the corresponding German Gemeinde ID/Name? I have about 10000 Lat/Long coordinates and I would like to know the smallest political entity across Germany (assuming that’s Gemeinde) for each of them. I then would like to build a list of Gemeinden by density and ratio to population density.

I was hoping for a Web Service or some kind of API to use, as this seems to be a common thing. But I’m not a GIS-expert, so I might be wrong.

Danke, Aeroid

What you’re searching for is called “Reverse Geocoding”

Please be aware, that Nominatim allows only 1 request/s:

You can try the famous

there is a parameter called “is_in” (not the “old” OSM tag) … see for details.

It is not a bad idea to get familiar with OSM data structure (see ) , overpass-api and in general

Thanks, sounds promising. I’ll give it a try!