geofabrik datas and osmosis vs osm2pgsql

Good morning,

I’ve begining to display an osm database using geofabrik datas and osmosis importer. I made the landmarks (points), the linears (roads) and I’m doing the display of landcovers (relations).

I want to begin by the waterways (rivers and channels). So I placed my point of view in a place where there is a big river and some channels, but the display is not like the reality. After a little debug work, I saw in the database that is was not a problem of my displayer, but of the database which was poor regarding waterways.

So I think I missed something. OSM datas of Geofabrik comes with shape files. Do I have to use them for water relation ? Are they aditional datas or just an alternative ?

Maybe Geofabrik datas are really poor and I have to change the import file ?

Also, is it a good choice to use osmosis and not osm2pgsql ?

Thank you very much, and sorry for my bad english,


For rendering purpose, osm2pgsql is, at the moment, better suited than osmosis.

AFAIK, osmosis’s support for constructing shapes from relations is in early stage, while osm2pgsql does support type=route, type=multipolygon and type=boundary

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