geodata from egged, DAN etc.

Hi OSM friends,

I just saw a posting that a German city bus and train company (public transportation) has provided geodata of their network.

Very interesting point.
If we could get in contact with Israel big public transportation companies telling them why they should provide the data, it would help us very much.
Public transportations are not defined in Israel like they should be :slight_smile:

Could somebody of you get in contact with Egged, Dan (maybe write a Hebrew email) and check if they could provide such a data?

Something like this including geo data would bring us a lot:

What do you think?

Actually good idea.
I already tried to ask to share their accumulated data about bus stop positions, but they don’t want.

Maybe there is a way to contact the owners of this app (busroutes in Israel):

The app and the project page disappeared somehow in the last months, but the had the data from somewhere. For sure they didn’t collect it by them self.

They may want payment, don’t they?


Application’s local DB data looks 100% as data on

As I said. I just cant believe they have evaluated those data by themselves.
Maybe there is a source file from the bus companies that provides those details?