GeoBase Import.

A lot of Canada is filled in from a GeoBase import.


It messes up… a lot.

Very Common mistakes:

no junction node between the ways and the bridges. need to connect them.

lower class roads connecting to higher class roads:
often no junction between the two different types of roads/ways.
And look carefully… a lot of them APPEAR to have a junction, but it is place over the higher way but not actually connected.
Sometimes all you can do is drag the junction to the side… does the higher class road move with it?
Sometimes the junction node is correct, but one node away from the highway and it does not connect to the rest of the way.

Most of the 6000+ marked errors seem to be these kind of things.

Do you mean the CanVec data? I just uploaded my first batch today. I’m still new to this so I’m still working everything out.

So how does one fix all these errors?

…painfully and slowly by hand… :slight_smile:

Most of the errors I have found have been from GeoBase imports, but I have seen some from CanVec aswell.

CanVec errors seem to be more the nodes are placed but no “way” joining them.
Also, quite often there are errors on ways when they cross a provincial border. The ways are not joined.

a big example:
HALF of the city Nanaimo in BC was doubled up! I zoomed in and all looked fine, but many errors were reported, so… I picked a junction and drag it away… and second set of ways was directly beneath from an earlier import. I did a lot of cleaning up. I noticed a couple of other mappers had found the same thing and were cleaning up aswell.


bunch of areas That I had done some months ago had a GEO base import slapped on them… and there are a mess of dupe nodes and un merged ways to fix…

Also, The accuracy of the geo base import is suspect.
The area I live in has a number of errors… streets with wrong names, little chunks of streets that don’t exist.
I will double check them physically over the next few days.