Generation Streets, 3D OSM-based videogame + open-source rvtgen3d

One picture says it all:

Vector tiles are converted to 3D on-the-fly. (Vector tiles must be in special format, I will give all specs later.)

Available on Steam as a game:

I plan to integrate simple map editor into the game and release world renderer source code under BSD- or ZLib-like free license so other developers will be able to use it their projects, including commercial projects. But it will take some time.

update: 3D world generator source code is published on github,

Couple of extra screenshots.

I’m not a gamer, but this is impressing!

But this editor… Won’t the game authors add fictional objects to the OpenStreetMap, because they need them in the game?

To avoid it, all changes will be stored in separate database which will become new source layer for JOSM.

Also, editor will be very simplified and will only allow to set tags like building:levels, building:colour, roof:shape and other Simple-3D-buildings-related tags.

I know about Pokemon case and my primary goal is to make this editor safe for OSM data.

Update has been released. New visual style and other stuff.

looking at the image of the city map, the fog came dreamy

@romanshuvalov will be possible to know how you can get to generate the streets from OSM data.
Attempting to achieve the same on Houdini to be used in a realtime engine (russian made btw) but with no luck so fa.

Hardest part for me was creating vector tiles for “slippy-map style” seamless loadings. If you don’t need this, just get .xml/.pbf/whatever data of your territory. Try QGIS, save layers to vector format Houdini can read.

Finally released on Steam as free2play game:

Limited territories are available to load for free. To get access to rest of the planet, see Global Access DLC.

Its interesting, might try it out but you should include some smaller cities around the bigger ones (for free i mean). Maybe add a city in germany or europe, for example. Nothing to big, but it looks now like with free you can just play on wood area :smiley: Really, just some smaller cities or towns maybe.

I would suggest adding some powerups like in the old games, like these vertical shooters
Small powerups, getting doubleshot, another one, one on the right side 30° next one 30° on the left side additional. And sometimes harder but lesser enemies. Or, ability to collect coins and upgrade the ship between the waves at the base, for example. Hell, set the base and let me defend it with the ship instead of the mouse-clicking, for example. Would be nice already :slight_smile: Or let me switch between these two modes. What i think is more usefull right now.

So, i’m just a bit brainstorming here, because i love the idea but it would be nice to make it a bit more playable. So, free the small cities/towns from the small targets, collect points to plant your base. Then, plant your base, its now your power-up-place. Free more towns around, so plant your base thoughtfull, because a repositioning is expensive, for example. If you get more powerups (Armor, Shield, Life, Weapons for example?) you can fight the enemies at bigger cities. Goal is to free the biggest cities for example, with the biggest enemies. And you could make bosses as well. Why not.

Anyway. Thanks for making part of it free!

You have a lot of “non-wood” areas as example in Russia and Australia, just zoom to any city instead of zooming to woods.

Well, I have decided not to spend a lot of time working gameplay because this game is not about gameplay, it’s about loading your hometown and flying around your home. (You can do it in Google Earth, but not all places are available in Google Earth.)

Also, after releasing of source code, it would be much useful to convert 3D world data for using in other games. Actually, you can try it now, 3D exporter was added in last update.

Oh, that was a mistake. It turns from the green rectangular to the forests and it seems like these are the possible starting spots :stuck_out_tongue: Of course, usally there are no forests in cities therefor nothing green in cities. I tried it and i bought it afterwards to suppoert you.

I understand. Just thought, maybe there are some easy things to implement, but i can follow your train of thought. Will try the exporter. Thanks for your work :slight_smile:

Ok. Thank you. By the way, preparing to source code opening is already in progress.

I used the 3d export feature on Generation Streets. A few problems. (Using Blender fyi)

  1. No textures at all.
  2. When I import roads and buildings, they are flat for some reason. The roads dont match up with the terrain for that reason, and the buildings are like a bunch of pieces of paper.

Hopefully this gets fixed, because I’d really like to use Generation Streets to export 3d models of map data for personal use.

(Already answered here:

3D world generator is released as command-line tool named rvtgen3d.

Licensed under BSD-license.