general questions about umap

Hi there,

I have some general questions about umap:

  • is it possible to use umap for commercial aims and under which license is it possible?
  • How can you integrate your own logos which format they must have, what size and what resolution is necessary and is for it maybe an guidance available
  • If you can share the cards , then it is also possible then to export them as pdf
  • Are all inherited characteristics such as icons , etc. Links with the inherited share
  • How can I use your own logo as a marker , or replace existing icons with your own , what format they must have , what size and if so, which resolution should have this and there is therefore a guidance available

thanks Lars :slight_smile:

Hi Lars

Yes it is possible. You can define the license within umap in menu Map Settings - Credit. Map data is always OpenStreetMap ODBL.

I Don’t know technical details, but you can add urls to images in menu Map Settings - Standard Settings - Icon type (user defined) - Symbol of Icon.

You can share, but I didn’t know about a pdf export functionality. At least you can print the webpage to pdf.

All umap icons etc. are open source and free to use.

See question 2. Start using umap and you will learn a lot within a few minutes. It’s not that complicated. It has also a online help.

Edit: Found an umap guide:

Hi R0bst3r

thanks for the fast answer, I do my best…
I got the french guide but my french is, how can i explain… bad… no its worst…

see you :smiley:

The first couple of sections (including “creating a map”) have been translated:

Failing that, there’s always automatic translation: (you have to mentally s/card/map/, but it’s not too bad).

Hi there,

now i need technical support about the integration from own logos does someone know how it works?



Hello Lars,

what about asking those special things like logo integration directly to the developers?

See for details.