Gay=yes replaced by lgbtq=*

Im not trying to be rude at all, and im sorry if its coming off like that, its that youre like the fourth person to come in and say it was mechanical and id figure i needed to just make it as clear as possible it was manual.

I think at this point, judging by the replies in this thread, a large majority agrees that lgbtq=* and lgbtq:*=* is preferred over gay=*, so the question remaining is whether or not this sort of edits is acceptable (as per OSM policy, as well as ethically (not discussing major retagging, even if performed manually)). As a member of the queer community, it should go without saying that I’m interested in the ways we represent LGBTQ+-related POIs on OSM, however I’m not too familiar with OSM policies such as the Automated Edits code of conduct. I think it’s important, though, that this case is being discussed and I do hope we can reach a consensus most of us agree on, as I feel like this is a situation that might arise again in the future.

The preference between LGBT and LGBTQ might depend on language too?

I think I’ve seen that LGBT is prefered in french whereas more often in english I read or hear with the Q

Keep in mind that the French language is heavily influenced by the views of the Académie française, which are generally conservative. This is one of the reasons why gender-neutral language gets accepted so slowly into the French language.

It’s just part of a broader issue related to acronyms. I’ve seen people adding an A or I to the end, a plus sign, and in Dutch some people tend to replace the G with a H. Still, for OSM tagging IMO it’s the best option available.