Gathering GPS data and creating GPX files with openmoko


I’ll go to Bulgaria next Tuesday. When downloading OSM maps of the Black Sea’s cost I saw that there are lots of streets missing. I think that this should be changed :wink:

So I searched the wiki for how to upload streets. I figured out, that I have to somehow collect GPS positions and afterwards upload them as a GPX file.

So my question is: What is the easiest way to collect these positions and create GPX files on my openmoko mobile?



keep on searching in the osm-wiki and use the search field for “openmoko”

There are at least two programms under active developement: TangoGPS and Navit. Try them and report success or failure…

Hi stephan,

thanks for your reply. TangoGPS and navit seem to be routing applications rather than apps for creating GPS traces!? At least navit, I use for routing and I do not know a button to make it gathering data.

As my plane goes tomorrow I do not have that much time for more intense searching now. Would be pleased if someone had a ready-to-use solution :stuck_out_tongue:

However, thanks for your hints!