Garmins own OSM map

On the Dutch GPS Forum I read that Garmin will launch the “Edge Touring” with OSM cycling map preinstalled. This is interesting news.

Here is a google translate version in Englisch and German.

Also an article by DC Rainmaker mentions the OSM maps:

Though not much details about the maps. I wonder if it is some sort of custom style designed for cycling? And is there any way of updating the maps?

The maps come on an SD card.

Keep in mind that the “Touring” is a model in the “Edge” mapping-capable line. It’s basically an Edge 810 with somewhat-different firmware.

Given that Garmin sells the units world-wide, it’s easier for them to use SD-based maps (and the SD-based maps means you can update them).

Furthermore, there really isn’t any reason to use the OSM maps unless you could get (and use) newer versions of them.

With respect to routing, the Touring provides for some different options than the Edge 810/800 provide. It’s possible that the routing could produce odd results on other versions (like the “openfiets” one) of the OSM maps. It’s possible that versions tailored for the “Touring” would work better.

It turns out that the “openfiets” version of the OSM maps don’t work very well for routing in the US (because of how people classify roads in OSM and because there are not many cyclepaths).