Garmin POIs - numbers, categories, subcategories

I’m currently working on a basemap for germany.

My design aims concerning POIs are:

  • only a few POIs on the map
  • most POIs are invisible
  • all POIs accessible through the search index

The POI search is organized by categories and subcategories (e.g. Community → Police Station).
I’m looking for a list with the correlation info “POI number = category / subcategory”.
Could someone point me to such a document?

Thanks - Klaus

Great list.

Thanks Klaus

One more question: How is it possible to exclude something (e.g. bollard POIs) from the POI search index?

Er, who’s Klaus?

The only way to remove a POI from the search index is to use a type code that doesn’t fall into one of the poi categories. This generally works for me, but I’m not sure how consistent it would be between different Garmin GPS units and Mapsource/Basemap, though.