Garmin OSM Belgium incomplete?

Hi, I’m new in this forum. I hope this question belongs here.

I just downloaded the Garmin OSM map (new style) for Belgium from I selected Belgium and no additional map tiles. I have done this before for other countries, which worked well. Now, two tiles are missing (Dendermonde and Sint-Niklaas) in the map as displayed in Mapsource, although on they are coloured as ‘selected’ in the map and are also included in the list of .img files. These two tiles happen to be the bottom two in the list. Did I do anything wrong or is the map compilation somehow incomplete?

Sometimes the history of an old map can cause this in Mapsource, you can clear the cache with ctrl G (2x).
Maybe this helps?

In my version of Mapsource (6.13.7) Ctrl+G is described in the menu as Hide Map Detail. Not sure if that works by clearing the cache. I doubt it, because while much of the detail is indeed hidden, some features like highways and coastlines remain. Except in the two missing tiles, that is - they are completely empty.

Anyway, no luck. After a second time Ctrl+G the map is displayed again, but with those two tiles still missing.

Incidentally, these two tiles are a *single *tile on the map of the Netherlands (rightly so as indeed it includes a part of the Netherlands), and on the Netherlands map it displays normally.