(again) was (well “is” because people still try to use it) extremely popular site to produce custom maps from OSM for Garmin devices, widely published on youtube and other places on the Internet. The problem is that it hasn’t worked at all as of late and only on and off for the better part of half a decade. There are some secondary considerations (not declaring who’s operating the site and asking for donations without stating that they are not going to “OpenStreetMap” and so on), but the not working bit is the most important one as that causes both reputational damage and workload on completely non-involved people.

There’s a further angle wrt of who is really operating it and if this is the state of affairs the Dutch community wants, but as said that is not an immediate concern.

PS: wrt English: I’m fully aware of the language skills of the Dutch, I was just being polite.

I’ve never used that website so I’ll stay out of the discussion, but it seems the website now redirects to another site

Thanks Simon for informing the Dutch community. The shutdown affects also my maps which were on the same server. So until further notice no Openfietsmap updates until this is sorted.

I’m not getting a redirect, the web page is still up, although with a couple of ‘Loading data, please wait O’.

Or that there’s a problem at all.

@Jillis There is a problem: when a (historically) often used site, not only by the Dutch community, effectively is not working any more, for whatever reason, and is still referred to in many places, ‘we’ have a problem.

Apart from some frustration by intended users not receiving what they want it is, imho, also an OSM(F) issue as, legally true or not, the site refers to and uses OSM, so not working brings reputational damage.

My question would be: apparently Lambertus is not visibly involved in OSM/, any more for quite some time; I guess that some of us here know about Lambertus’ situation and how to reach him (under the proposition that nothing serious occurred him), so all actions to be aimed at reviving this site by taking it over, hosting it somewhere else, etc.

That’s the problem Martin. Since the forum was taken over, nobody was able to contact him ever since. Phone numbers did not exist anymore, I’ve tried several of his e-mail adresses: no response, Skype: nada. I can live with the message on the redirect site although this does not work on my mobile, there I still get the old site.

In that case I support the taking over of that site as mentioned in posting #1 of this thread.
And as well, remove Lambertus as administrator of this very forum.

This is likely an unexpected side effect, have you contacted Grant?

This forum is going to be migrated, for better or worse, to Discourse. Current plans are end of this month. With other words this will require new moderators in any case.

No, but I’ve contacted the maintainer of the server in Germany. He’ll take care of this and fix it.

“taking over of that site”

Is this legal?

The software code made by Lambertus, who owns it?

If you need hosting in the interim please do email me. Can host you on the OSM dev server if required.

I believe Stefan may have working contact details for him. Likely best to speak to him.

“taking over” currently refers to pointing the relevant domain somewhere else. Outside of a contract existing between Lambertus and the owners of I don’t see an issue. As to the software if it hasn’t been published on open terms or there is an explicit licence of some kind, it obviously can’t be reused, but I don’t believe that has been proposed.

I would expect that negotiorum gestio statutes would apply wrt the cleaning up in any case (I believe the Netherlands has corresponding legislation).

My legal Latin is a little rusty :wink: but Wikipedia told me ‘negotiorum gestio’ is called ‘zaakwaarneming’ in Dutch civil law (B.W.).

Yes that would be great, I’ve sent you a pm.

I was not aware of this, euh, situation. I agree that such URL with ‘OSM’ in it needs to work as expected, due to reputation. I now kinda feel guilty for pointing my Geocaching/Garmin friends to the site in question; did so, even last week.
I quickly updated my slides as well, that I tend to spread around in response to people asking me: what is OSM:; updated the ref for the Garmin people.
BTW, the website redirecting works fine for me today: I am currently facing the (new for me) site:

I read your PDF.
But is like dead. A good replacement is Organic Maps. It even allows you to do simple edits in OSM; I have used it a couple of times that way.

May be change your pdf again ?? :wink:

Is this issue already sorted ? (When we can download OFM updates again? )

No unfortunately not yet.
Updates can be temporarily downloaded from (or light
or hike or germany) but the NLUUG server is not synchronised.