Garmin nuvi 54LM, create line asist

Hi. I want go in garmin map and create few pictures of line asist like on this picture.

In my model, that picture only show before junction and disappear (that is not animated pictures!).

So, can you tell me which programs need for that. I see that i have . img, .gma, .uni and .gsd files in SD card.

If you don’t know, where can I ask then?


I don’t know but this forum is a good place to ask
Ask in the Garmin Auto Forum (Garmin Nuvi Forum) sub section
Also tell them which model you have and which maps you have for which country.
There seems to be Lane Assist and/or Junction View for some models/counrtries/maps.
I expect only the Garmin maps would have have such features, and not any of the openstreetmap based maps for the Garmin.