Garmin nuvi 205 doesn´t display speed limit

Hi all, I have a model Garmin nuvi 205. When I use maps (it doesn´t matter e.g. Slovakia) from OpenStreetMap all is fine, only one thing isn´t good. This model doesn´t display speed limit in the bottom left corner e.g. on motorway (motorway is tagged with speed limit on OpenStreetMap with 80 km/h). This fact also affect calculation of the route. When I use an original maps from Garmin-Navteq (City Navigator Europe NT) speed limit is displayed correctly. Is this a known issue? Thank you for your answers/help and sorry for my English - I´m from Slovakia.

Hi eskimak,

As far as I know this feature is only available in NT maps. The only compilers to make these are owned by Garmin and cost a lot of money to licence.

So, sorry, no speed limit indicator with OSM maps or any other free map. (Exceptions are Malsingmaps and Navigasi maps, which are in NT format, but they are not made from OSM data.)