server down?


I am newbie and just had my Edge800 delivered last weekend and are really anxious to get it up and running.

So I decided to download a benelux map after having carefully selected the tiles and filled in my emailaddress.

This was last Sunday but I have not received an email with the download location yet.

How long does it normally take? or is the server down?


According to the page, the current delay is ~4.7 days

If you’re interested in The Netherlands and Flanders only, you can just download the map of The Netherlands directly (as this covers most of Flanders too).

The server isn’t down, it’s just very busy.

Since you are owner of an Edge, you might be interested in a cyclemap too?
You can try the Benelux openfietsmap, which can be downloaded directly from

Edit: I see you posted some questions on fiets forum :wink:

To install openfietsmap on your edge, there are two ways:

  1. get a micro SD card and copy gmapsupp.img on it and put it in your Edge
  2. download and install Basecamp and Mapsource from the Garmin site and install the openfietsmap.exe on your computer

Yes, indeed. I am active on fiets forum too ;0)
I am only now learning about all the different maps and possibilities.
Frankly speaking, there is quite a lot of information out there which does not always relate to each other and I tend to not to see the forest through all the trees anymore as we say in Dutch, hahaha.

Openfietsmap might certainly be an alternative. I will give OSM some more days to work on the request.

Is OFM really that simple, just drag and drop the .img on a micro sd and put it in the Edge?
That would be great benefit over the whole installation process under mapsource.

Yes, just download it and copy the gmapsupp.img in a garmin folder. I think you can even rename the “gmapsupp.img”
to another name (like ofm_bnl.img or so) so you can put other maps on the sd card (with older GPS units you can’t do this)

Hi Lambertus

Thx, server was just slow indeed. The link with the garmin routable maps finally arrived.

What is the exact difference between the .exe file if using mapsource to place the map on the edge
and the .img file that after unzipping can be dragged and dropped on a sd card.

The .img option seems much easier, for what reason would the .exe mapsource file be recommended?


The .exe allows you to install maps in MapSource and -via MapSource- on any Garmin GPS, the zipped .img can only be used on Garmin GPS types with SD-cards. Many people use MapSource for trip planning, testing routes, etc. If you don’t use MapSource then the zipped image is the easiest option.