Garmin maps using bittorren?

Currently I’m trying to download some Garmin-compatible maps, but I see the download is quite slow.

Would it be a solution to use bittorrent for the distribution of maps, this would allow users to seed maps for a longer time, offloading the process from the current OSM servers.

I assume this has been suggested quite a few times before, but I do not see any clear location.

One logic place would be a .torrent file or magnet link besides the original files, like in here:

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Since OSM is just the database and doesn’t provide any maps you have to contact the individual map creators.

Which one? There are lots of different OSM-based maps for Garmin available, and you can also create your own - see

I don’t think that a “torrent” solution makes much sense, since as soon as you’ve downloaded a map it’s out of date because someone’s added something new to OSM.

I think I understand you, could you clarify your request?