Garmin maps no larger than 24MB

My father-in-law has a Garmin eTrex Legend C, and we’d like to put some OSM maps on it for use when walking up hills in Scotland and the Lake District. As he’s a hillwalker, contours are important, but it only has 24MB of storage.

All the UK maps with contours are far too big to fit. Does anyone know of anywhere that I can get maps of regions, that would be small enough to fit?


Are contours essential? The problem is that there is a lot of topographic relief in Scotland, which pushes up the file size if you want to include contours. A simple (no-contour) OSM map of Scotland, however, should be well below 24MB. What specific areas is he walking in? I could take a look at my UK tiles and see if I can put something together that’s < 24MB.

Contours are essential, unfortunately.

I also posted this request to the talk-GB mailing list, where someone offered to make me a suitable map, covering the important areas. For reference of anyone reading this with the same issue, the details of the script he uses are in this e-mail.