Garmin maps (for the Netherlands)

It seems that the generation of the img files is broken. The MapSource normal executable is only 66k in size.

That is correct, more info here.

Hello Lambertus,

I’ve been admiring and using your work on the Dutch Garmin maps for a while now and I like it a lot, so I want to thank you for your efforts.
But now I’d like to offer my assistance.
I have an Oregon 400t with the onroute bicycle map, but even with the latest update I’m none too impressed with it (I use it for navigating long distances in my quest velomobile).
So now I’d like to be able to use the openstreetmap data to generate a route on my Garmin.
I have quite a few years of experience as a C programmer, and some C++ as well, but I don’t have access to any windows or MAC OS systems. I am Linux-only computer user.
If you can point me to some info on the internal structure of the garmin map files, I could try to figure out how routable maps are made and write a tool to create them.


When i try to download for instance the cycle map, I get an error:

While trying to retrieve the URL:

The following error was encountered:

Unable to determine IP address from host name for
The dnsserver returned:

Name Error: The domain name does not exist.

Can someone tell me what the problem is???

Thanks, Peter

To generate a route?

Why would you? Lambertus’ routable maps are made by mkgmap. See

You could better join them to make it better. (for instance ist lacks good transliteration ) :wink:

For over a week I have a problem with downloading the Garmin maps. I get an error:

Could not locate remote server. You tried to access the address, which is currently unavailable.

Can you help out Lambertus?


Same here!

Thnx HS

Heh, well this is kind of embarrassing :wink:

It appears that the dev server has been moved to another server. The move was announced on the NL mailinglist but I failed to make the connection with the Garmin topo maps… So at some point the old server has been shutdown without me making a backup of the scripts and setting them up on the new dev server.

I’m having some problems and new features to work on for the routable maps. If that’s working alright again I will look at generating the topo maps again. Time is scarce though.

… LOL …

I do hope it gets fixed soon though. But until than, I’ll be patient :slight_smile:

Is this solved by now?

Yes, for the routable maps this is solved.

I cannot download the garmin maps for the Netherlands (topo) om Windows Vista.The link does not work
I thoought this problem was solved Lambertus?
nice 2010!

No, this is not solved:

I really miss those maps for my Garmin. For me they are Hope you find the time to restore the scripts.

Thanks a lot, René

I’ve started using the maps of the netherlands on my garmin yesterday. It looks good, but theres still room for improvements ;).

One thing that’s important to me is that the ‘ijsselmeer’ is not displayed as water but just as normal ground. Is is possible to fix this? (it’s not a small lake or something… :wink: )

Keep up the good work!


I’ve created a Garmin routable topo map of the Netherlands for cyclists, see

(I hope Lambertus doesnt mind posting this here ;-))

First of all, thank you (1000 x) for the nice work you have done (especially for OSM). Its a very easy way to make downloads for Garmin-GPS for windows, linux and apple (thank you for the apple-part ;)). I have one suggestion : is it possible to mark the date when you made your last download? Maybe you can put that information on your Home-page?

Greetings from Belgium (Flanders ;))

You can check the date of latest version on

Where can i find the date of the latest download of the routable world (belgium). It seems that the files are last updated on 27 july 2010 although in the directory the date is 3 august? There is no problem for the fietsmap (often updated). Thx for your work.

This isn’t the right thread, but anyway…

The source of the files is based upon the planet file from July 27, but the map for Belgium using those tiles is created (apparently) on the 3rd of August. The latter date doesn’t really matter. As it happens I’m currently uploading new tiles based upon the planet file from August 25. They’ll be available somewhere tomorrow…

This topic is closed as a lot of people apparently don’t read topic titles very well… The worldwide routable Garmin map topic is here.