Garmin maps for Thailand


I did some experiments with Garmin maps.

As a result I can offer OSM maps of Thailand.

The map should feature names in english (where available) and should be routable. I added some files required to open the maps in Mapsource or QLandkarteGT.
Copy the IMG file in your /Garmin folder as you would do with other maps.

As I’m new to this subject some feedback regarding the maps would be nice. I plan also to release a map having the street names in Thai script. Due to technical restrictions on the Garmin this is a bit more tricky.


Hi Stephan,

I had some problems to install the map into Mapsource. I tried to use the MapsetToolkit by cypherman, but I was not successful. After installing the map MS started and I was able to choose the osmmap, but after selecting the mapset MS crashed.

What would be the right way to install the map?

Thanks in advance


Hi Stephan,

That’s very nice of you to provide this service to the community. However, aren’t you doubling up on what is already available here: ? I’ve used these quite a lot and they install without a hitch.

Hans, you may need to upgrade your Mapsource.


Hi Peter,
I do not think that Stephan’s maps are not needed because some maps are available from the link you provided us.
By the way, also I built a Garmin map of Thailand, using on the style and typ files of velomap (only minor changes to them). It is available for download from:
Kind regards,

I’m not saying they are not needed, but he may be doubling up on a service that already provides maps for the whole planet. What is a good idea is to make different maps, like in Thai (as Stephan is looking at) or with different typ files or feature sets, like you are going to do.

Kind regards,

Hi there,
meanwhile I found some contour lines in osm format on the web ( They are not perfect, but still very useful.
The whole map of Thailand with those contour lines measures more than 200 MB - hence I cannot publish that (limit of my homepage is some 100 MB). But I updated the map without contour lines (
But the Andaman coast (7-11 N, 98-100 E) is only 12 MB, and it is available here:
Have a lot of fun!

You can put it on megaupload or other such sites.