Garmin guide text - "Riding on NAME" or "NAME ahead"


I am making a routable MTB-map for my Garmin Edge 1030. Everythings works fine except the text shown above the map (the guide text). It displays what trail is ahead instead of what trail I am on. On another downloaded map the text says “Riding on NAME”.

How do I get my map to display “Riding on NAME”?
My trail data is in a .osm file. I am using mkgmap to compile it to an .img file.
What flag (style, TYP, OSM-tag) or mkgmap compiler directive to set to get “Riding on NAME” ?

(Never mind the colours are different in the image below.)

It’s a built-in feature in the software of the Edge 1030. The same issue is with the Edge Explore and probably more of the newer Edge models. There has been a discussion about this issue in the Edge Explore branch of the forum:
Garmin never decided to remove the ‘ahead’ messages or at least make them switchable OFF.

Thanks, I saw that forum thread when I searched for a solution (have not seen any other note on net about it, soooo strange). Tried some of the proposed logic with no positive result. I’ll keep on trying and will post here if I find a proper solution/setting.

I guess you won’t find a setting until Garmin adapts the device software to make that possible. I have understood that there are people who like the ‘Ahead’ messages because that is part of their ‘exploration’ experience while on the road (maybe without a specific destination or planned route?)… :roll_eyes:

By the way, you can manage the 'Ahead" and ‘Riding on’ messages by settings under Map / Guide Text / Select Guide Text Mode.
Note that these steps are from the Menu on the Edge Explore - I suppose the 1030 has comparable settings.