Garmin EU - OSM extra POI pack

Hi, today I was in contact (I was in german OSM PR before) with the Garmin EU staff. They announced a POI file that is created on the base of OSM Europe and want to give it back to for free:

Unfortunatly the coverage is only Europe and I’m not sure about any updates. If you find any bugs just post them (I don’t own a device) and I will try to communicate it back to the company.

Would be nice to get source url for this quote.

Nice gesture from Garmin, but the bitmaps are very big and ugly on my Oregon 600. They should do something about rendering them properly (I think only 8 bits / 256 colours are supported on the Oregon 600). :confused:

@popej I’m sorry but as it was a personal mail, I’cant provide an URL esp. as the contact itself isn’t listed as offcial Garmin PR contact :confused:

@ligfietser Indeed that looks very odd OO I will try to ask them for a fix.

Ok, thanks. I was surprised that I can’t find any info on Garmin sites.

That’s not the only thing that went wrong; they swapped lat & lon for some 100 000 POI’s (in the categories “Shopping” & “Leisure Activities and Trips Out”)…


It wouldn’t be difficult to create that kind of gpi using free tools. I did once POI for Poland, it was about 120.000 POI from UMP data. Somehow I didn’t find it useful, it was rather slow, in some places clattered view. The only advantage was that POI from gpi are visible in nuvis, which didn’t display any poi form maps. Current nuvis make a lot of mess with POI so adding more of them is not a good idea. For outdoor GPS transparent map would be probably better solution.