Garmin Edge 705

Hi :slight_smile:

The routing on my edge 705 wont works whit any of the OSM Maps…

Been testing the map at and

Or i’m doing something wrong?

Should work fine. So what’s not working? What have your tried?

the gps won’t pick up the small roads / tracks in the forest when i ride on my mountainbike

edit added map link

etc it won’t work here

Did you accidentally use the wrong routing profile (car/motorcycle instead of bicycle or foot)? Or did you tell your unit to avoid unpaved roads? The ways are tagged with bicycle=yes, so with the mkgmap default style (which Lambertus is using at should allow bicycle routing. At least my Edge 705 can route over similar tracks and paths.

its set to bicycle and avoid big roads

Yes, if you download maps, you should read the readmes and helpfiles that come with the maps. Then you wouldn’t need to ask such useless questions.

works now :slight_smile:

made my own map whit mkgmap