Garmin Drive 50, can't enter new country

Hi. I have a new Garmin Drive 50 and have added the Generic Routable UK map to the SD card per instructions. With View Map, the new map is displayed.

However, “Where To?” isn’t working. I select Address and it indicates “Enter County or Country”. If I try to enter United Kingdom (or Britain or England) it indicates “No matches found”.

The same map placed on my Garmin Nuvi 255 allows me select “Change State/Country” and enter United Kingdom. In fact, as soon as I type U, it offers United Kingdom, United States and US Virgin Islands.

I feel like I’m missing something in routing with the Drive 50. Any ideas?


There are specific sub-forums for Garmin maps questions.

The Garmin subforum. The short form of the answer is: install the maps into MapSource and use MapSource to install the maps into your Garmin receiver.

Isn’t this the Garmin maps forum? My posting shows up as:
Index » Garmin maps » Garmin Drive 50, can’t enter new country

Thanks OverThere, I’ll look into MapSource.


Yes, hadw and OverThere responded to a few topics saying this, even though the topics are already in the Garmin Maps sub-forum. I think they just forgot where they were. :stuck_out_tongue: