GARMIN BASECAMP not recognizing maps

I’ve uploaded maps into Garmin Basecamp before with no problems. I downloaded a new Japan map, unzipped the *.gmap file, opened Garmin Map Manager and installed the new *.gmap file. The installer says the map was installed, and in fact it shows up in the correct /Garmin/Maps folder on my HD (Mac). But when I open BC, the map does not show up in the pull-down menu.

I’ve uninstalled and re-installed BC
I’ve created a new Library
I’ve restarted my computer multiple times

The map still does not show up in BC. Help!!

Check out this program:

You can use it to check for map-errors and als use it for installing maps that otherwise don’t install.
Be sure to check-out all the other great map-software from that site!

Note: Do not use Basecamp from the App store but use the version from the Garmin site.

Thanks… it solved my problem. Apparently because there was an existing Japan map on the card it was causing conflicts which that program recognized immediately. I deleted the first map the the new version loaded immediately. Thanks…