Garmin All in One Europe and street names in major cities


and sorry up front if this has been asked before (it probably has)…
I downloaded an “aio Europe” of ca. 2gb. It know addresses of little towns in the netherlands but obviously no main street in major German cities like e.g. Essen (in fact I could not locate any street in Essen or Bochum so far).
Am I doing something wrong? Am I using it wrongly.

Another one: There are references to a 4GB Europe map (that just fits for Garmin) but the links don’t work. Any hint?

Thanks very much in advance!

No, it does not fit anymore; OSM data has extended the 4GB limit. The map creation gets broken because of that. You can use D-A-CH or other, smaller maps instead.


Oh, what a pity.


How about the street names not working?

Maybe that map was created with an older version from mkgmap (2011?) which didn’t support address search.
See also this thread

Where did you get the 2GB-AIO-Europe- Version from?


I guess this one?

The combined map with all type files integrated as gmapsupp.img:

Europe ( (OLD!) and MD5-checksum 

Download (as of 2010-07-23): 2.13GiB (extracted size: 3.03GiB)

2010 is quite out dated, I doubt that it will support addresses.

My one’s extracted 2.3GB but I don’t know how old it is.
And as I said, it know street in Dutch villages.
Can I load Germany aio in addition?
What is the sequence the Garmin device looks maps up if several are active? Can I change that order?