Garmin 78 limited colors?


I am just playing with TYP file to polish my map.
I am using on-line editor [1] to edit my TYP file and qlandkartegt [2] program to check appearance of created map.
Ones I am happy with result I’m uploading gmapsupp.img to my Garmin 78s.
So far fine, but created map looks very different from what can see in qlandkartegt.
Actually e.g. walking path not changing appearance at all, and polygon for forest looks totally differently from what I created in TYP editor and what I can see in qlandkartegt.
Both looks very simplified.
Is there some colors and resolution limitation for Garmin 78 or problem can be somewhere else ?


Make sure that
-the Family ID or Product ID match
-The typ file name has to be 8 characters/numbers or shorter

You better try Typviewer which has a built in Garmin colour scheme that is compatible with the Garmin colours.

Thanks that helps … stupid me :confused:

Unfortunately this editor not run in wine (I am debian user)
This one has linux not fully featured version
Works for me …

Is there any linux native TYP editor around?


Just for those who searching this thread … I got Typviewer working in linux under wine.
“winetricks wsh56” do the trik :wink:


One question about Typviewer:
If you edit polylines there is “Use orientation” field for what is that exactly useful?
I have checked this for all my polylines (because it was done in TYP file I used as starting point) but I guess it is not right.

Here I have issue with border line which is very unsmooth and interrupted very often … ugly especially watched from bigger distance … can this be related?



I set that orientation field to No because it’s uglier. I dont know the meaning either.