Garmin 255W only leads me to street, not address

I’m from USA (northeast) and have some old Garmin units on which I put OSM maps (since existing maps were old). Navigation seems to work fine, except despite my entering an exact address, it still just leads me to the street, not the exact house. I tried this with two separate addresses and in both cases it only finds the street, not the house. Anyone know what the issue is?

Map info says OSM generic routable. Actual function appears to be OK, but only to the street, not the house.

Have you checked the OSM database to see if the address actually exists in the data? It could be that the individual addresses simply haven’t been added for that area. If you do a search for the address on, does it find the right individual address, or does it also just find the road?

No, doesn’t find them. Not in that city anyway.