Garmin 1030: Altitude Profiles for Europe

Dear all:

My family has just bought a Garmin 1030 for me last Christmas, unfortunately they bough it from the States and all the maps preinstalled inside are from North America instead of Europe what I need.

Since I noticed it I have started to read about maps and so on and that how I have finished here. I have download some Openfliet maps that were really nice (Good job!) but the case is that I think, when I create a route, it doesn´t offer me altitute profile of the route.

I wanted to know if there is any solution for getting those profiles when making a route. or if I have done something wrong (I have seen that only elevation layer are being developed).

When I read the specifications of the Garmin 1030 it explains that it contains exclusive maps based on OSM and so I though anybody in this forum could teach me a littel bit about this.

Thank you

Kind Regards

The solution they have given to me is that I need an DEM map to be installed if I want to caculate the profile when creating a route directly in the GPS.

Does any body know where I could download this DEM maps?

Kind Regards

You probably cannot download DEM right now, but the latest development versions of mkgmap allow to calculate that
and it should not take long until this feature is used in downloadable maps. You can already try some, e.g.
offer experimental versions.