Gap in coastline.,unconnected
Between these two

I checked, it was not a missing tag, the way where the coastline used to be is no longer there.

I could not find the changeset and there must be a better way to restore that redrawing using background images.


according to i’d guess it was

yes, it was it. Actually the same user has deleted it twice according to the history of this way. I was able to restore it quite easily, though.

The history in potlatch2 tells us that user ‘Peter14’ has edited the same way on 2012-10-10 with comment “restored deleted coastline”. Both mine and Peter14 editing was done after same user.

I have sent the user a message telling that unless he comes up with a decent explanation to this thread, I have to report this as vandalism. You can make a mistake, but making same mistake twice is not learning.


Now the same user has deleted it again.

It seems the user is redrawing the coastline probably from the bing imagery, but deleting a long part and redrawing it only partially (and not adjusting the rivers) is not a proper way of doing it.
I split it into two and joined again in both ends. It got a new number.