Gaia App / Komoot App license violations?

I’ve seen that several commercial apps are using OpenStreetMap tiles/data which I really like.

I’ve downloaded the Gaia App after a recommendation of a friend, and was quite surprised to find no overlay in the corner which shows, that the tiles/data are from the OpenStreetMap project.

When you click on layers, than there’s a “© OpenStreetMap” but no link to a license, no name for a license, no link to the project etc.

I’m also quite unsure what they mean with “© Gaia GPS”. If they combine their database with OpenStreetMap they need to release their database under the same License (ODbL v1). I couldn’t find a download for or a way to otherwise access their combined database which they use.

Maybe someone can help me understand how this is not a violation of the ODbL.


I was wondering how others solve this, I’ve opened the Komoot app (which I’ve used some years ago).

The only attribution I could find in the whole app, is a very tiny “© OSM”. No link to a license, no link to a project, no I formation what “OSM” even means.

I don’t think that’s the way the data from the OpenStreetMap project should be attributed, especially if you consider that both companies using this data are making money with it.

They should know better.