(future) train map

Hi folks,

can we gain something of this image ?

BTW: Is the train way in Israel complete ?
I think in terms of train station there should be everything setup correctly.

It’s still in planning, there’s almost nothing on the ground, so I say we wait at least until works begin.

We should have all the stations, I checked that a few months ago.
AFAIK, we also have all of the lines.

Even those in the making, like between Bat Yam and Holon, and the new line to Ashdod.

btw, here is the official information from the Train web site, which includes lots of good information.


Hi Talkat,

if I look on this website that should show the public transportation of Israel its very empty.

Seems like we have 2 bus lines in Beer Sheva and 2 in Jerusalem :slight_smile:

Yes, but the existing Beer Sheva info is a delight :slight_smile:
Thanks to user yrtimiD.


That site doesn’t reflect what’s really out there.
It lets you define a rectangle, and then it queries the data in that rectangle, and you give it a place name, and that’s what you get.

e.g. I remember that Netanya has one bus relation, but nobody defined Netanya in that web site.
There it is:slight_smile: