From Garmin-img to OSM data, is possible?

Hello, I´m new here, and I´m from Spain. First of all, greetings everyone and congrats for the forum!!!:smiley:
All is very new for me, so if I tell something wrong or already commented apologize me. My device is an iPhone wich gps application (MotionX GPS) uses OSM maps, and in Spain OSM isn´t very extended. I have a free topo map of all Spain, provided completely anonymous and disinterested by a misterious person called “SinRenkor”, and, really, it has a good quality. The fact is that this file is self-instalable executable for Mapsource and Windows, about 593 Mb, and when I search it in garmin folder, all maps are IMG.
So, this is my question: Is possible to convert in OSM data and upload it to OpenStreetMap ? :roll_eyes:If it is possible, it would be a great advance…:D:D:D
Thanks you very much!!!:slight_smile:

Well, first you need to make sure the data from that topo map is not copyrighted and that you get permission to use that data under a CC-by-SA license from the person/company who made that map.

Please note, this is very important: We at OpenStreetMap never ever want copyrighted data to be imported in our database unless there is a specific grant from the copyright holder!

So if the Garmin images are provided by someone who says ‘please do what you want with it, I don’t care’, but you can intelligently suspect the data to be copyrighted by someone else, then you cannot upload the data into OpenStreetMap. And I really suspect this to be the case here, so I’m not going to tell you if it’s possible and, if so, how you can import this.

Hello Lambertus, thanks for your response!! I know perfectly the OSM rules, I’ve read the FAQ and other info. But you have all the reason, I don’t know its exact procedence, so now I’m going to investigate where proceeds, and get all the info as possible to make sure the data of that topo map is not copyrighted. If it is a real free map and if it is possible to upload to OSM, it would be a great advance!!! I hope I’ll get it…
Anyway thanks again!!

Topo Hispania by SinRenkor is definitely not legal to upload to osm. It’s said for Garmin that they didn’t release any topo maps in Spain until everyone had already the Topo Hispania installed.

The maps originate from Raster Maps AFAIK - and those were definitely mostly still under copyright.

Hello, I´ve asked it, I´m not sure but I think that Topo Hispania by SinRenkor came from the Instituto Geografico Nacional, 1:25 K, and they are free if their use is not commecial or for business. I will email them for make sure.

Garmin released Topo España, the current version is Topo España V3. It´s a different map from Topo Hispania by SinRenkor.
Anyway, if it is not possible nothing matters… It was only an idea, because I tried to edit maps, and after a determinate zoom, the map comes withe and with the anterior zoom I can´t look properly the photo satellite.

If that institute insists on free use if it’s not commercial or for business, then we cannot use those maps. They specifically must agree with the CC-by-SA license or the party is off…

Yes, not having hi-res satellite imagery sucks.

Hello, this bureau is an governamental office, isn’t a private institution, so I don’t know what result will be a about my inquiry… I’ll try it, sure.
Where can I get the CC-by-CA license for send them?

Note: OSM is in the process of changing to a new license ODbL: This license is under construction. It has about the same intent as CC-by-SA but without the negative side effects (hopefully). So, if possible, try to get permission to use the data under the CC-by-SA and ODbl license.

Ok, thank you very much for the info&help. Now begin my “fight” with bureaucracy, I hope won’t fail in the attemp…

Good luck with that :smiley:

I have several maps downloaded from cgpsmapper website, and it is free for use non commercial activities. then what is the procedure to upload them to osm.

If you could upload cgpsmapper maps from MapCenter, why would you want to? You’d need to verify that the cgpsmapper data was of better quality than that already on OSM. You’d also have to delete data like topgraphy that isn’t part of the OSM standard.