from Autocad(dxf) to OSM

Firstly hi to all, my name is Giovanni and I’m developing an application that use OSM format. The problem is that I’ve the maps in dxf and not georeferenced.
I’ve been able to transform the map into SVG or SHP but when I convert it to GPX I cannot import the file correctly into JOSM or markadoor.
I’d like to know how can I tranform the map in order to modify it with JOSM or similar programs.
Thanks to all,

You want to convert it to “OSM” files or openstreetmap XML files. Your best bet is to ask on the talk mailnglist, this probably should go to the developer list too…

I want to obtain a file that is editable with JOSM or similar in order to process it as an OSM xml file.

Quick google search for “osm dxf”, told me that the best bet is to save the DXF as a shape file and then convert that to OSM xml. As I said the best way to solve this is to use the mailinglist.

I’m not sure what you said in your latest post, but just to clarify if you convert it to a GPX you are very limited in what you can get out of it AFAIK. The OSM xml file format is what describes our geodata.