French religious building: deprecated warning on Osmose

Hi All,

I’m trying to fix some issues reported by Osmose
Some of them being deprecated warnings.
As an example this element: Way: 163385460 | OpenStreetMap
The warning lists

But I’m not sure what to correct here TBH…
Most religious buildings around here are listed with that warning, so if I know what to correct… :slight_smile: .
Any insights?

Thank you Timo

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My initial though was to remove the “” tag, but that would also remove the reference number 88487a

Thanks for asking! Such automatic QA tools sometimes list things which are not actual error at all and should be ignored (some do it less often like JOSM validator, some more often).

Contact channels - OpenStreetMap Wiki lists OSM Community Index that provides some France-specific channels, asking there may be a good idea


It’s flagged because of the “.” in the ref. See: is flagged as error · Issue #1729 · osm-fr/osmose-backend · GitHub in which they mention this part of the Wiki:

Some characters have special meaning in various context and using these characters in keys will likely cause all sorts of issues. The following characters are among ones discouraged to be used in keys: =, +, /, &, <, > ;, ', ", ?, %, #, @, \, . and ,.


Ok thank you.

ivanbranco, right I also concluded that’s the “error”.
I think I found the source:

Looks like 88487a is a variationof the INSEE number of the village

But maybe I should contact a French help channel as @ Mateusz_Konieczny suggested…
(I use up a lot of my daily brainpower if I have to write FR :slight_smile: )

Is refering a source website for a number of french churches? If so, shouldn’t it be something like source:* instead.

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This warning come from the JOSM validator :
As said above, not really an error, just a warning.



I am a French contributor and I contribute a lot on the subject of churches.
It is indeed just a report but not an error. I never took the time to report Osmose to remove this alert.
In any case, this tag should not be deleted on churches, even if on the majority of churches it is superfluous.
I have plans to bring our two bases together to see what is missing on both sides and this tag will help us.


Ok, thank you for the reply.
I’ll leave them alone then :slight_smile:
Not sure what it’s like elsewhere but around here it seems to be a large proportion of the warnings in Osmose.
I’ll focus on paths and trail again, there’s a lot to be mapped in our neighborhood :slight_smile:

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I added an issue Bad key suffix reported on and · Issue #1823 · osm-fr/osmose-backend · GitHub

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Wrong place, see #7.

Is it really useful to have dots (.) in keys?

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I have no idea, but it looks like mass imported data so I guess there’s no easy fix…

Guess we get off-topic, now, but if it is a mass import it should have been discussed in advance and needs documentation on the wiki.