freewebcar_chung free 3D openstreetmap car / flight sim in freebasic

freewebcar chung is a free 3D google static maps / openstreetmap osm web car / foot / flight / balloon simulation game with real world data and sandbox car traffic written in compiled freebasic using http/https web sockets and opengl . Visit thousands unlimited towns in a real open world . (realtime, save, load , reload on startup, add as much scenary as wanted)


note : ways are volonterally limited to 20 nodes for performance & memory reasons , if more than 20 , nodes are sampled :roll_eyes:

if needed, consider adding more ways as buildings:parts for the same building like in new-york manhattan .

(20/06/2017) bikini ladys added on seashore

(18/07/2017) special treatment for main buildings of more than 20 nodes => up to 40 nodes rendered :roll_eyes:

(22/07/2018) export to .obj model file added (ctrl+F5) (saves near buildings to obj / current setings : maxfaces 50000-199000 , distmax range 5000-40000)

i have exported small Deauville seashore buildings to obj and added it to my game “seashore_chung”