Free worldwide Garmin Maps

Using the tag amenity: shelter, shelter_type: public_transport displays a TENT symbol on the map downloaded in free worldwide Garmin maps.

When you look at it on the map it shows a shelter symbol.

Is it possible to use another symbol on the Garmin maps? It looks silly to see all the tents around town when you use the map.

Thanks Arie, I agree thats indeed silly, mkgmap does not make a further distinction than shelter without those subtypes. I’ll forward it to the developers list.

But we have a solution for you right now: On the web page, before making any selection, Click the radio button “Generic new style”. That was one of the reasons we developed the new style back then, wasn’t it?

Yep, the generic new maps display shelters this way:

The “new style” doesn’t work on Garmin Oregon series though, does it?

It works on my Oregon, so why not?

It actually does indeed. Maybe it doesn’t on the old Oregon 300 then. That’s what I was using previously and I somehow remember trying and dismissing the new style maps at some point in the past as they didn’t work for me.