Free Geolocation POI for Israel under CC0 license has just published their POI collection of 63 countries (including Israel) as CC0 license.

Lastly, we’re very excited to announce that the SimpleGeo’s CC0 Places data set is now available for download at no cost. If you’d like to get your hands on 21M+ POIs that cover 63 countries, we’re ready to hand that over to you in one file. The file is about 2GB in .ZIP format, and remember, with the CC0 license, this data becomes yours – free and clear – to do whatever you want. We hope you do awesome things with it! You can download it now by clicking here.


Sounds very much like a need to import those data or check if its worth a import.

@Dimka @Talkat?

not interesting stuff?

Might be.
Right now I’m too busy, and I figured it will take too long to get into it.


In the 200k POI database of just Israel are a lot of very interesting places included.
Of course we can’t just import all of them to all Israel, but you agree that it would be a wonderful enhancement for OSM Israel that is very rare of POI in some districts.

I’ll download this and at least try to generate a list of POI’s in the wiki.

This is the raw data:

Not much…

Most part of the free 2GB archive consists of POIs from US, Germany and the UK.

looks like there is a lot of Israel in this package, too.

Of course less than in US or Germany:

US : 17M Entities
Germany : 5M Entities
Israel : 0.2M (200K) Entities
Egypt : 0.012M (12K) Entities

Incompare of the size of country this is still a lot.
As this data includes a lot of address data it is very interesting for the future.
Even if you need to go over all of them manually to check if they make sense.

Where is this information from?

I downloaded and unpacked the archive, and the size of the file for Israel was just 1Kbyte.


I just clicked the link “44 other countries” and selected Israel.
Seems like this data is not changed in license. If its not included in the ZIP file.

I thought its the same kind of data like in the 2GB file.

Could be that I was wrong regarding the amount of data in the CC0 license type.
Or maybe the other data had also a license change.

I think the 200K POIs dataset is not under CC0 license.