Forums governance team meeting - 2024-07-04

The @forums-governance team will have its next meeting this week. Guests are welcome to attend the meeting.

Additional info for joining the call

Testing microphone/audio

You might want to go through the microphone/audio test of BigBlueButton (which occurs before one joins a video room) in advance.

If you don’t hear yourself or the test sound during the audio test, please select “no” and choose a different hardware option from the drop-down list.

Low bandwidth

You can disable receiving the video and desktop sharing streams. After you have joined the room, click on the three dots on the top right of the black video-window.

Optional account on

You can also create a free account on if you don’t have one already. An account is not required to join this meeting.

If you create one, it will provide you with your own home video room for OSM-related meetings and you can also be added to the access lists of other rooms, so that you can start them.

More documentation and tips are available on BigBlueButton - OpenStreetMap Wiki.

:open_book: Agenda

If time permits, we may additionally look through other currently open issues and request. Feel free to also suggest additional topics here.


I was planning to join this time, but I think I misread the time specification :sweat_smile:

Here’s what I see:

…and I thought that was the UTC time and conversion to local time, but I suppose it’s actually the start and end time?

If that’s indeed the case, perhaps it may be better to next time show just the start time, and label the field with “Start time”; or else explicitly say that it’s the duration, e.g. “Start and end time”.

Yes, that’s indeed start and end time. Sorry for the confusion and thanks for suggesting an improvement - that should make it clearer next time.

Our next meeting will be in 4 weeks, by the way (we’re skipping one meeting because of SOTM-EU). Hope you’ll be able to join us then!