Forums governance team meeting - 2022-09-22

A @forums-governance team meeting took place on 2022-09-21T22:00:00Z


  • Migration of
  • New categories process
  • Language-based categories

Attendees: @Firefishy @Tordanik @nukeador

Migration of

Migration work is still in progress. Progress will be communicated this week. In the meantime you can check this github issue.

We specifically discussed the handling of categories for which the community has not opened a category request on the new platform. Options for handling these include:

  • read-only categories (These could be below a read-only “Migration” parent category. A post in English in the category would explain they need to request the category and select mods for it to be reactivated.)
  • moving these topics into #general with the country as a tag

Either option makes it possible for communities to request a category later and have existing topics moved there at that point. It is not necessary to have this question fully resolved before the migration because Discourse makes it easy to manually move topics around after the initial automated import of forum content.

New categories process

20 categories created so far under #communities, 4 in discussion or validation progress and 4 need to provide more info to advance.

Almost everyone managed to find 3 moderators for their categories, this is a good signal that the requirement is reasonable and also encourages communities to empower the most active individuals. Right now there are more than 70 people as part of different moderator groups.

Language-based categories

There’s been interest on requesting language-based (rather than location-based) categories. We talked that it’s good that the community can self-identify when certain topics need their own space and request it. However, we also consider it desirable to have a clearer understanding of when to use tags and when to use categories, and it’s not entirely clear where the dividing line should be.