Forum Server just breaking?

Getting lot of error messages.

Thanks for the report. I haven’t encountered the error yet but I’ll see what is possible using the control panel.

Ok, the forum is hosted in a virtual environment and when these errors occur the environment simply determined that the forum used too much resources (in DirectAdmin speak: the maximum Entry Processes has been reached). I cannot change the configuration so asked the hosting company for support.

Hi Lamberus,

any news? the server is still in a bad condition. Timeouts, connection loss, duplicate post and so on.

When will the Company change the config? They had neary 4 weeks time to do it.


The config has been changed 14/10/14 to allow for more entry processes which isn’t limting anymore. I’ve again asked for expansion of the forum resource limits for entry processes and virtual memory usage.

The sponsoring company won’t increase resources for the forum anymore in fear that it will impact other users on that particular server.

That’s no good news :frowning:

I see three solutions:

a) pay the sponsoring company
b) get another sponsor
c) run our own server

I would prefer solution A - we will find a way to pay it. First we have to know the monthly price.

would you please be so kind and ask them?

walter, germany

@wambacher: Have a look at the SSL-Thread, there are some status reports about a move to an OSMF-Server, so if that succeeds b) and/or c) is done :wink:

Great - but why should i read the HTTPS-Thread to get answers to the Forum Server Problem?

in german: Wie soll ich darauf kommen, dass das dort diskutiert wird und nicht hier :frowning: ?

anyway: good news.


Because the HTTPS-thread started the process of moving the forum to another host :wink:

Why not OSM servers? I’m pretty sure OWG would find a spare server if asked.

upd: sorry, just found out about osmf servers.

The resource limits are again reached very often so as a short-term measure I’ve deleted another group of automatically banned user accounts (based on SEO spam suspicion), almost 8000 accounts this time. The banlist is much smaller now which should reduce the load on the server significantly. This should give me some more time to organize a new forum server (OSMF-operations is very slow to respond to my email inquiries).

Well, it seems to help tremendously in reducing load. CPU, Virtual Memory, Entry Processes, all have come down considerably: