UPDATE 20/Oct/2016: The move has been completed successfully.

Hi All,

The OpenStreetMap forum at is moving
to a new server this Saturday 22 October 2016. During the move this site will be

The move is scheduled for the United Kingdom morning. (GMT+1)

All content and users will be migrated. After the move the forum will
be https by default (with redirect). The URL will be unchanged.

In the not too distant future we’d like to find a suitable volunteer
forum admin. The ideal person would be level headed and would also be
responsible for maintaining / patching the forum’s codebase:

A big thank you to Lambertus for his running of the OpenStreetMap
forum for many years. The move is being performed with his agreement.

Kind regards,

On Behalf of the OpenStreetMap Operations Team.

Who can manage the forum in the meantime? There is for example old request for creating Iceland subforum.

I think I can cope with social and technical issues as an admin and I’m willing to take this responsibility. Currently I’m a moderator in Polish subforum for some time already. I’m active not only as a mapper, but also in the osm-carto and take part in discussions on Talk and Tagging lists. Where should I post my declaration?

I have now created “Users: Iceland” as requested.

Please don’t start “Users” with a capital letter. All others have small letters at the beginning.


Edit: Japan too.

It’s sad to see Lambertus go.

Thank you for migration efforts Firefishy!


since the forum moved I am flooded with messages like this:

That would be nice and correct, if I would be subscribed to this forum, but I am not. The link tells me, that I am not subscribed to any forum or topic. I even tried to subscribe and then unsubscribe to the forum, but that did not do the trick.

Could an admin please look into that?


Not a technical issue, but now that the server has been moved:

  • who is the/are the administrative contact(s) for the forum?
  • where is he/are they reachable privately?

Lambertus may have been hard to reach but now I don’t have any contact for internal moderation issues. :frowning:

At the moment there is a congestion of new and old reports from the Russion user forum in the report list. The flag “there are new reports” is on permanently, obscuring possible urgent reports for all other groups. Some overall adminsitrator would have to look into this.

It might also be a good time to revive the moderator group with some helpful information.

bye, Nop

I marked all reports from the russian forum as read. Moderator elections in the russian forum are under way.

I noticed that Firefishy and TomH have now forum administrator flag.


Since I’m new in OSM can you please help me in create a forum for my country.

Thank you :slight_smile:

You can probably try to contact with forum admins directly (see this post).