Forum moderator needed


this forum is operated by the OSM foundation.

As some might not be members of the foundation (why not yet?), you might have missed the recent post:

It is about having a moderator installed in the forum.

So let’s start to ask around for volunteers.

General requirement is to be able to speak the language of the forum, preferably native speaker.
As here most of the communication is done in English, I suppose a sufficient good level of English is fine. Being able to communicate in Thai would be a nice plus.

Moderation certainly involves regular reading of the forum and potentially taking actions to calm down a de-railed conversation.

I would be available as a candidate. I can offer a solid knowledge about OSM in general and in Thailand. English is not my native language, but in recent times I never had problems communicating in English, so I feel confident enough to do. My Thai language skill is still a bit underdeveloped. I can build on my wife’s native speaker capability and experience of moderator in a different forum for the rare case of Thai language posts coming up.

Others: Please also step up if you think this job is something for you.

I would recommend you for the job, Stephan.



I think its obvious, but I will second that !
Stephan for the job.
Russ :slight_smile:

What about Paul, Mishari or Johnny?
Interested in the job?

Thanks for asking, but I don’t think I’d be able to dedicate enough time. I’d also support stephankn for moderator. If there’s a need regarding Thai communication, I’d of course be available to help.

Stephan for the job.:slight_smile:

Hi, since the community seems to be happy with the proposition, I have made you a moderator for this forum. If anything else is needed, just let us know.

Thank you all for your trust.

I hope we can continue in the forum without the need for active moderation. In case of spam posts or other content not appropriate, feel free to report it using the “report buttons” next to the posts.



I’m happy to co-moderate if Stephan would like some help.

Best Regards

I think it’s always better to have more than one moderator in case the other one is not active (and busy with other things) or just as a backup when somebody is in conflict with moderator. What do others think about Mishari at this position?

There was not a single time moderation was needed in the Thailand forum yet, so from a load perspective it’s not required.

But I agree to have multiple persons is certainly beneficial. I think having Mishari as a moderator as well is fine.


Due to lack of the opposition and more than enough time spent waiting for comments I have just assigned Mishari as moderator for Thailand subforum.

Im quite happy with that.