Forum issues

Since yesterday the forum software is updated to the latest (security fixed) version 1.5.10 including all OSM modifications.

Today also the following issues have been fixed:

  • Information on the registration page for new users to set up an OSM Account
  • BBcode buttons and quick-quote modification (you may have noticed that already :)) works now

Iam still enthusiastic to fix more of the issues you encounter, you can report them here or on Github:

Thanks to Tom Hughes for deploying the pull requests!

Thanks Hakuch!

That all is rolling again.
Is it possible in the near future to upload photo’s, so that we do not have these problems of not working photolinks over the years from third party hosting companies.
So that we easily can upload and express, what we mean, by using a photo.

Great job Hakuch.

Is it possible to change the settings so that not all threads are automatically marked read once I read one post and then am inactive for some minutes? See for my earlier request.


I recently discovered that a lot of my photolinks had stopped working because of the way this link had to be constructed had changed…

how do you think about marking posts as offtopic?

I feel it is not a problem on the forum where some posts wander on and off or around the original post.
Forums are more interesting to read when there are less rules.
The discussion on the Help site necessarily needs to stay on topic I think.

I wouldn’t vote for that.
Most users are aware of the issue, and sometimes “going offtopic” is needed to make the discussion clearer and point out what one is thinking. And almost always users correct others when it really, really goes offtopic.

I would like to see embeddable maps in this forum. Here someone mentioned a plugin, dont know if this is possible.

I thought about something like [ot]iam talking boring stuff[/ot]. This part would become grey or something like that and users later could have the option in to hide this parts while reading

its build for 1.5.5, so we would have to adapt it to 1.5.10 but that would be possible I think

We still have the Problem that the message which is supposed to inform new users that their first posts are moderated and not visible immediately is shown only for a very short time and not readable. This leads to duplicate posts and general confustion.

Can you extend the timer before the redirection to 20 or 30 Seconds?

bye, Nop

I already issued that to myself :slight_smile: or better to the github orga group (, I would like to take care of that soon.

I fixed this by adding an information close to the submit buttons. (has been merged already and is working now)

A ticket about this feature is opened here:

This issue also has its own ticket to discuss: