Forum feeds

You can stay up to date with the forum without the need to visit it on a regular basis using various feeds:

The base URL for the feeds is to which you have to add some parameters to specify what you want to receive:

action: feed - show most recent topics/posts (HTML or RSS)
online - show users online (HTML)
online_full - as above, but includes a full list (HTML)
stats - show board statistics (HTML)

type: rss - output as RSS 2.0
atom - output as Atom 1.0
xml - output as XML
html - output as HTML (

  • 's)

    fid: One or more forum ID’s (comma-separated). If ignored, topics from all readable forums will be pulled.

    nfid: One or more forum ID’s (comma-separated) that are to be excluded. E.g. the ID of a a test forum.

    tid: A topic ID from which to show posts. If a tid is supplied, fid and nfid are ignored.

    show: The amount of posts to show. Any integer value between 1 and 50. The default is 15.

    order: last_post - show topics ordered by when they were last posted in, giving information about the reply.
    posted - show topics ordered by when they were first posted, giving information about the original post.


    1. Follow the Dutch forum with RSS:

    2. Follow the Questions and Answers, Development and Garmin forums with RSS,13,26