Former buildings (now gone) - how to tag?

Hi all,

There used to be some buildings (farm) that is no longer there and is now just fields. How do I tag this? I had a look at the ‘key:abandoned’ page but it seems to suggest that this is just for structures that are still, in part at least, physically there, rather than completely gone.

I had a look at ‘demolished=*’ but it says that you must put a date rather than simply ‘demolished=yes’.

Also how would I tag the ‘place=farm’ now that it’s no longer there? Would it be ‘[abandoned]:place=farm’ or something along those lines?


If the buildings are gone completely, you simply delete the objects in OSM. No additional tags needed. It is advisable to mention in the changeset comment that the buildings have been razed, particularly when older aerial images still show them.

Same principle, simply delete the place object. If the name is still used for the site, you might consider adding a place=locality node and adding a note to it which explains the name’s origin.

I wouldn’t delete, but change the tag building=* to was:building=* and add the end_date=**** tag. I noticed that by using the tag building=collapsed, the building is still rendered like an existing building in Mapnik.

Same thing goes for landuse=farmwas:landuse=farm.

I think ill use this approach - it seems better than simply deleting the object. Does the ‘was:=’ render at all in any renderers? Can it be applied to any other tag? I’ve never even heard of using ‘was:’ but it does seem like a good idea, especially for showing historical features that cannot be otherwise be something like ‘ruins’ etc