Form creation with jotform with connection to

Could someone implement this for me?

Form creation with jotform with connection to via an own map (umap)
I would like to have a form created for members to fill out.

data in the form are:
Link to the Facebook profile:
Email address:
Avatar picture, upload from the Facebook profile, which is also displayed in thumbnail form on the map:
Upload 4 pictures - should be compressed automatically:
Free text - up to 2000 words
Selection box interests searched - multiple selection possible (example: friendship, date, joint ventures, male, female, sex doesn’t matter …
5 free fields that can be used later with openstreetmap

All data received via jotform should then be automatically entered into openstreetmap. You should get an overview in your own map in which you can see the users who filled out the form via jotform.

If possible you should have the possibility to set a password to get access to the data in openstreetmap. So with a password you can see all data of the user without password only some of them.